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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

VidCon Debrief – VidCon – Medium

VidCon Debrief – VidCon – Medium

Here’s how our current procedure works

a creator starts getting mobbed at VidCon, we do our best to give them
an opportunity to meet their fans by doing some on-the-spot crowd
control. If the mob is getting too big, we ask the creator to come with
security to a back-of-house area where we discuss whether we can set
something up, or whether it’s best for them to leave (or just hang out
with folks back stage).
they go back into a public area alone to intentionally start another
mob, we ask them to leave the event and tell them that, if they come
back, we will consider that trespassing and law enforcement will get
is often difficult to understand how an action as simple as walking
through a courtyard could be putting hundreds of people at risk, and we
get that. But if a creator is repeatedly putting attendees at risk even
after we have explained the situation to them, we have no choice but to
kick them out.

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