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Friday, May 26, 2017

Tips for Learning Japanese from a Pro Manga Translator

Tips for Learning Japanese from a Pro Manga Translator: If I'm making all this sound simpler than it is, don't worry – It's not easy. Obviously, hanging out in bars isn't magic. You can't go sit on a bar stool with zero language skills and expect to walk out with JLPT N1 certification. The whole time I was in Japan, I continued my formal studies, got a Certificate in Advanced Japanese, and eventually earned my Master's Degree in Japanese, as well. All that book learning gave me the foundation I needed to take advantage of the surrounding bar chat. It's the closest thing I have to a "shortcut," and it worked for me.

I honestly think I learned more in my local bar than I did in all of my classes combined. Speaking Japanese in bars keeps you on your toes, jumping mid-way into conversations, and shifting gears rapidly. You gain the ability to pick out meaning when you only understand five of the seven words spoken. You could say that while my classes taught me how to speak Japanese, bars taught me how to think in Japanese.

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