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Monday, May 29, 2017

Andrew Gardiner's Post on ANTI-SJW (Now With 100% Less Racism and Homophobia)

Andrew Gardiner � March 26The problem with the diversity narrative isn't the narrative, itself. The problem is that the biggest proponents are forgetting one detail in their quest for d...iversity of race, sex, preference, et cetera... they are forgetting diversity of thought. The problem with identity politics, this tribalist method of representation is that it assumes that because someone is of a certain race, sex, or whatever... everyone of that demographic thinks the same way; which is false. Lacking diversity of thought means this approach focuses more on ideological purity testing. It's like fundamentalism in religion, it is constantly screening its members for signs of heresy or burgeoning apostasy. Think I am full of shit? Then why is it that a black person, who disagrees with BLM, or refuses to conform to the prevailing narrative, suddenly labeled a "coon" or "Uncle Tom" as a result? Then why is it that a conservative that disagrees or isn't swaying with the prevailing ideological frame of mind labeled a "cuck" or "cuckservative" as a result? Hell, religious people do it all the time, and we have oodles and gobs of denominations fighting amongst themselves since time immemorial. The point is that if you fail the ideological purity test, if you aren't fully committed and toeing the line, you are treated like some defective product on the assembly line. It's less about diversity and more about conformity. If you think differently, if you question or believ

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