Pussy is fucking gross and the line 'uncircumcised guys get dirt trapped in their flaps.' just made me see RED. Have you seen a fucking vagina? It's ALL flaps and don't tell me there's no oil, dirt, old dried sex juices, hair, and dead skin cells trapped all in and around those folds. Acting like a dude is dirty (when it takes 5-10 seconds to clean you foreskin) when you've got a smelly fucking cunt and you wanna act like it's some golden hill of sunshine. Fuck these cunts in these interviews. I'm sooooo sure you're taking a loofah and scraping out the grime from your flaps and douching all the time. Why not just remove your labia or clitoral hood so no dirt, oil, or dead skin gets 'trapped' in your flaps? Same thing right? What's good for the goose is good for the gander?