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Monday, September 03, 2012

Dancing With The Stars (of Toledo): Mark Ballas & Joey Lawrence

Fuck Me Deep In My Ass - Amateur sex video - Tube8.com

Fuck Me Deep In My Ass - Amateur sex video - Tube8.com

Single Gun Theory - Words Written Backwards

Melissa and Joey-Just Dancing Melissa Joan Hart

Single Gun Theory - Great Palaces of Immortal Splendour

Single Gun Theory: "I've Been Dying a Long Time"

German Dad Helps Son By Wearing a Skirt

Lobbyists Are 'Solution,' Government Is 'Enemy' - GOP Senate Candidate

Chemical Barrels: Underwater threat may devastate Black Sea

Star Wars 1313 Gameplay Footage + Brain Hacking! - GeekSpeak #18

Airbrushing Curves, Privatizing Schools, & War On Women (The Point)

Sunday, September 02, 2012

Ann Romney: Latino Voters Need To Get Past 'Their Biases'

A Conversation with Phillip Deere (pt1 of 5)

Meeting With American Indians Is Wrong, Says RNC Leader

DecodeDC: Ex-NPR Reporter Seabrook Fed Up With Media BS

Drugs Are Fun with Black Dynamite

The Horde Zombie Movie

Ricky Gervais on the Joy Behar Show

The View Takes On The Catholic League's Bill Donohue

Mitt Romney's great hypocrisy: Matt Taibbi explains how Romney got rich ...

Mark Lesek: A New/Old Prosthetic

Does this remind anyone of FullMetal Alchemist? AUTO MAIL!

Anti-Evolution Republicans Put Christianity Above Students

GOP Talking Points On Medicare Debunked (TJDS)

One of the best clips I've seen this week! Love Soledad O Brien kicking this GOP DUMBFUCKS ASS!