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Saturday, September 01, 2012

Rich Pay Too Little In Taxes - Pew Poll

Jazz for Cows

Giant Gummy Snake: Two-toned candy snake is over 2 feet long.

Giant Gummy Snake: Two-toned candy snake is over 2 feet long.

Super Illusions Putty: The mystifying color-changing putty.

Super Illusions Putty: The mystifying color-changing putty


Color Flame Party Candles: Twelve birthday candles with brightly colored flames.

Color Flame Party Candles: Twelve birthday candles with brightly colored flames.

Veruca Salt-Dont Make Me Prove It

Veruca Salt - Shutterbug

And I know that you miss me,
by the way that you
kiss and resist me.
It's my thrill, it's my wonder,
it's my will, it's my way home.
I'm right where I always
dreamed I would be. I can't
change, change, change, whoa.

PIZZICATO FIVE It's a Beautiful Day PV

CocoRosie - Gallows (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

Ann Romney Convention Speech

Erin Burnett is just the Megyn Kelly of CNN. She's a cunt, a shill, and a political prostitute. Ann Romney hasn't worked for anything in her god-damned life. She's been rich since birth and had 12 servants, 5 houses, 5 nannies (one for each child), and has never held a job in her life. She's a fucking cunt who has no right to speak about jobs, the economy, or frankly anything except being wealthy and managing her house staff.

Ending Spending - Bad Votes: COPS Ending Spending Parody

Half of those earmarks were from REPUBLICANS IN RED STATES. When Obama took office, THAT DAY THE DEBT WAS 11 TRILLION THE DAY OBAMA TOOK OFFICE. So don't believe the BULLSHIT in this ad. Besides, any economist will tell you - you have to SPEND MONEY to MAKE MONEY. That's why in his first year Obama passed the Stimulus. The Stimulus / Obama created 3 Million REAL Jobs in 1 year, Bush Lost 10 Million in 8 years. These are FACTS and you can't argue with reality. THIS AD IS EMBARRASSING!

Joy Behar: Say Anything! Premieres TUES, SEP 4 (PROMO)

HemAway - How It Works (Animation)


Horny as fuck - XTube Porn Video - gingroot

Horny as fuck - XTube Porn Video - gingroot

Bolinho do amor


Season 1 Clips (playlist)

Season 1 Clips (playlist)

World's Deadliest - Hermit Crab vs. Conch

How to catch a Razor Fish / Clam

Man Mimics 100 Animals

Friday, August 31, 2012

Pregnant fish

Porcupine who thinks he is a puppy!

Sharks heart still beating

Possum eating strawberry

Above the cock

Moebius Syndrome - Embarrassing Bodies

Filter Coffee - South Indian Style

Masala Khumb (Mushrooms)

Masala Khumb (Mushrooms)

Good Eats - Egg Files II The Man With A Flan [Full - High Quality]

Super-Human Strength - Halve An Apple With Your Bare Hands

Joe proposes to Jason

These guys are so hot together ;) Yum.

Politically Incorrect with Bill Maher feat. Marilyn Manson (August 13, 1...


Chaser and Bear Love :D

Best Gay Marriage Proposal Singapore (MUST WATCH!!!)

Beauty & The Beast: Ugly Face of... : Holly and Nelly-Part 1of 4

Intersex - Embarrassing Bodies

Pilar Cysts Removed - Embarrassing Bodies

Feeling your balls - Embarrassing Teen Bodies

My Coming Out Story

Some guys look really hot with braces.. and shirtless.

D'squared (own world) official video!

Janet Jackson feat. Khia - So excited

Doi Maach - Fish with Yogurt Gravy - Bengali Cuisine

Let's Ask America - The Game Show Where You Win Money from Home

AWESOME! And Kevin Pereira is hosting :D

Three Cheese Rissoto

Felicia Day & Morgan Webb Master the Art of Archery

Fifi Fatale - 1930s Burlesque "Decades of Decadence"

How To Turn Your Kitty Into A Machine Gun

Seal Falls In Love With Woman

Bill Nye Vs Creationism

Terrorists: Anarchist Militia Who Plotted to Kill Obama

awesome_pictures_14.jpg (JPEG Image, 600 × 1003 pixels) - Scaled (85%)

awesome_pictures_14.jpg (JPEG Image, 600 × 1003 pixels) - Scaled (85%)

Baltimore School Shooting

Did you know if you buy guns at a gun show, they don't do a background check on you? #LOOPHOLE #WTF #FACT

Toucan falls in the sink

I hate birds but OMFG I WANT A TOUCAN NOW.

Baby possum swimming, playing dead & More!

Baby Skunks at Work

Movin Mama! Opossum from Golmers house

And this is why opossums are awesome. :D So fucking cute. Did your mom give you piggyback rides to you and all your siblings to school or the mall? NO!

Pet Opossum Complaining


A Pet Possum - Easier Way to Save - New GEICO Commercial

I love this commercial <3 p="p">

Scathing Letter Rips Artur Davis

Fourteen members of the black caucus wrote to the Alabama political leader to share their disapproval as Davis is prepared to take the stage Tuesday night in Tampa.

Sex Strike In Togo

We should do this to conservatives here in this country. We all know conservative men GOTTA HAVE THEIR DICK AND PUSSY or else they go buttfucking nuts crazy.

Forced to Shave Vaginas at Beauty School?

This is bullshit that people are complaining. Doctors have to deal with naked body parts and part of being a beauty person that deals with waxing and tweezing is BEING TRAINED IN DEALING WITH PUBIC HAIR. How fucking stupid are these students they complain about something so fucking basic.

Behind the Closed Doors of a PetSmart Animal Supplier

LOL! ZOMG RABBITS WERE FORCED INTO INTERCOURSE! LOL they look pretty comfy to me, and those ferrets LOVE being in cuddle bunches. this video is STUPID as FUCK! I don't see anyone stomping any hamsters in this video so I think you're making that shit up. You do know hamsters EAT other hamsters right? Cockroaches eat each other, but I don't see you making a video about that. About the surgery, you don't need a vet's license to perform a single operation if it's simple, external, and it's something you're gonna be doing 100 times a day.

no skin, no heads, still moving...hey, who's hungry?

yum yum yum~ nom nom nom~ I want frog fajitas!

Mercy For Animals' Pro-Vegetarian MTV Commercials

This advertisements are HILARIOUS! Keep them coming, I need more 'hidden camera' fake out vids to laugh at. BTW, if you're worried about animals, what about the 56.6 MILLION HUMANS DIE EVERY YEAR. Do you get that? 56,000,000 HUMAN LIVES PER YEAR from various diseases, murders, war, poverty, famine, poison, radiation, accidents, and a thousand other causes that impact the human race more than a pig being a box that's uncomfortable or has a rough life. Humans have worse #TRUTH (and for those of you who ask why I put 'old age', because we could be spending our defense budget into PURE 100% scientific research creating new technology for prolonging and protecting life, such as regeneration technology, nanotechnology, cellular memory, organ farms growing from stem cells, slowing aging, spare body parts grown in labs, all of these technologies are REAL and EXIST on some basic level and we could expand those by 10 to 100x if we seriously devoted a major major (I'm talking 20-25%) of our NATIONAL TOTAL BUDGET to pure scientific research. But no one gives a shit about science. We all want the toys, we just don't want to invest in governmental bodies and private corporations that will further this research.

PUFFiT Portable Vaporizer on Sale

PUFFiT Portable Vaporizer on Sale

Paul Ryan Loves Crony Capitalism

Please Teach Me English movie 영어완전정복

Please Teach Me English - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Please Teach Me English - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Embarrassing fat bodies.S01E04.

Embarrassing Bodies - Penis Size

5.25" or Five and 1/4 Inches is actually the National (U.S.) Average for heterosexual men, and 5.75 (or 5 and 3/4 inches) for gay men (oddly enough, gay men are shown to on the average have about an extra 1/4 to 3/4 of an inch in cock) #FACTOFTHEDAY

Down Low Men - Real Talk

Yeah, fuck those assholes (on the down low). The way I see it, if you don't have the balls to be gay (the work), you shouldn't get the reward of being gay (sex, dating, love, etc.). Being gay is awesome and being yourself is even better. Men who don't have the balls to come out shouldn't be rewarded for their cowardice. You're too good for them. And that's the truth, because until a man can be himself and be honest about who he is- is he really that much of a man to begin with? Potential men are not MEN. #TRUTH

Beats VIII (playlist)

Beats VIII (playlist)

Univ of Colorado Moving Gun Owners to Their Own Dorm

It used to be the norm TO NOT ALLOW GUNS in every hospital, church, school, and civilized building of public office or action before the NRA dumbfucks started clucking their bullshit and funneling millions of dollars into fear and propaganda. #EVIL #ASTEPBACKWARDS

40% of American Food Is Thrown Away

When i lived in washington, starbucks would donate ALL their food that was about to expire to local shelters. It was awesome!

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Khia - Be Your Lady (Official Music Video)

Been a Bad Girl - Khia [OFFICAL MUSIC VIDEO]

[NEW SINGLE] Khia - Fix Your Face

Beats VIII (playlist)

Paul Ryan’s speech in 3 words | Fox News

Paul Ryan’s speech in 3 words | Fox News FOX NEWS DOING REAL REPORTING?! WTF!? ARMAGEDDON!

GS News - Guild Wars Will Ban You

All the Guild Wars 2 Fantards are worse than Ron Paul tards. "CENSOR ME, CENSOR ME! OMG MY FEELINGS ARE SO HURT! GM COME BAN THIS PERSON!" Fucking losers. I hope you guys NEVER come back to WoW. I won't be pay for this game because not only is a piece of garbage like the last guild wars was (wonder why it's free to play, you get what you pay for) but to censor people for being children or childish or argumentative or hateful is an antithesis to gaming. I don't know a single gamer who isn't an innane cunt at some point, or bitches at someone, or whatever the fuck. If you wanna play HELLO KITTY ONLINE or some other game that tells you what you can and can't say, then good luck with that. They won't be seeing a dollar of mine, especially after reading this article. What makes me even more sick is reading the comments from a bunch of fucking crybabies who got bullied in other games and now are trolling the people who trolled them back, total fucking hypocrites. If you can't handle someone else's language or opinion you shouldn't be playing an mmo or even living in America. What fucking pussies. We don't need little fucking kids who have the emotional skin thickness of a chick on her period. Guild Wars 2 wants to the mmo that all the little cunts run to when they get their feelings hurt and can't hack it on a REAL mmo like WoW. Cataclysm was SO much harder than the last two expansions and people cried and cried and cried. So yeah, if you wanna play an easy mode game with a bunch of noobs when you're not allowed to cuss or express yourself (negatively or positively) - who wants a babysitter as their mmo? Not I. They won't see a dollar of mine. #BOYCOTT #DONOTPLAY #FAIL

Prawn Bhuna

Sesame And Egg Fried Rice

Karwari Prawns

Bashful Banana

George W. Bush: The President Who Must Not Be Named At Republican Convention

George W. Bush: The President Who Must Not Be Named At Republican Convention

Mohammed Сartoons: Blasphemy or artistic expression?

'Kid or adult - IDF makes no difference in Palestine'

Israel has blocked around a hundred international pro-Palestinian activists from crossing into the West Bank from Jordan.

Extra: Police camera documenting #ChavisCarter's death is missing most i...

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Extra: Matt Taibbi: If an individual on Wall Street was punished, banks ...

Getting Teens to Join God's Army

I wonder how they'd react if Muslims did the same thing.

Preaching Without Words


Fucking beautiful video! I guess once in a while we see a video who fully embraces and updates the feel and the fuckery of the 80s with the alternative and the progressive of the 90s. Kudos!

stretchin spandexxx [CANON T2i]

OMG I LOVE THIS GUY! He totally parodys all the douchebag rich boys who can't sing (and get auto tune) and make lame ass videos! This guy is a genius :)

how to use Serato and Virtual DJ

I would fuck this dude so hard. #SCHWING

Honest Dos Equis Commercial

I don't like beer, but even I wouldn't drink Dos Equis (a man has to have standards)

How To REALLY Make Skrillex Bass

Ughhhhh this guy is so fucking cute :D

REDNEK - THEY CALL ME (Official Video)


Peaches - 'Relax' Official Music Video

Peaches - 'Billionaire' Official Music Video

One of my favorite music videos of all time.

Gonzales - Working Together (Boys Noize Dub remix)


Gonzales - Working Together

House Music II (playlist)

House Music II (playlist)


House Music II (playlist)

HCRI Stuttering Therapy - Before-and-After Results

This video is pretty touching that it shows real people who have had stuttering issues who have overcome it with mental control and conscious training. Pretty cool shit and it's something that's very common that makes a lot of people feel insecure. FUN FACT: Nicholas Brendon (Xander from Buffy: The Vampire Slayer on WB) overcame his severe stuttering problem and you'd never know it!

Protect Your Child From Swallowing Lithium Batteries | The Battery Contr...

Breastfeeding Video Turned Into Porn?! - Common Room

I love the common room- the discussions are so silly :D

Tragic: GA Student Killed By Rescued Dogs

FDA Bans Some Gay Sperm Donors

Free Bathhouse For Republican Convention Delegates In Tampa

Christian Girl Faces Death Penalty For 'Blasphemy' In Pakistan

Danbob's Hybrid Collider

Uhhh.. DanBob is so fucking hot.

Would You Marry Someone After One Kiss?

Confidential Documents Expose Romney On Taxes

Fox News Blames Black People (For Everything)

$300 pair of sneakers makes black men look what? foolhardy? peacockish? poor spending habits? Then what about the stereotype of women (of all colors, especially white) having a show addiction and there's a LOT of shoes that cost more than $300 a pair. Sex and the City was a top-rated show for over half a decade and featured the main character bankrupting herself on $300-500 (or higher!) shoes on a weekly or monthly basis.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Lance Armstrong Doping - Guilty?

I'm all for drug fueled sports. People that stress their body in sports tend to die early anyways, what's the difference if they shave off a few more years. They sell their bodies for profit. Sportsmen / Athletes are not "Role Models". Why do we expect them to be? Every major athlete is on some kind of steroid, booster, prescription vitamins, or some other chemical or nutritional advantage. If you want to be a shooting star that burns out twenty years earlier, but shone brighter than most stars in the sky- that IS your right.

Awkward: CTV Anchorman Canoodle Fail

young hung and cum - XTube Porn Video - badger0806

young hung and cum - XTube Porn Video - badger0806

Stop Abortion With 'Deadly Force' - GOP Candidate Frank Szabo

The difference between someone 'in utero' versus a 20 year old, is a. the 20 year old is an in dependent human being while a a fetus is not, b. the 20 year old has had 20 years or so to form connections to other human beings and therefore is valued more, c. the 20 year old has been invested in financially, emotionally, mentally, physically, and socially over the last 20 years and retains that value of investment, and d. you miss people more, the more you know them. You can't know a fetus.

Girls' Generation 소녀시대_THE BOYS_Music Video (KOR ver.)

fucking my bf rough draft - XTube Porn Video - kronicusprime

fucking my bf rough draft - XTube Porn Video - kronicusprime

Mitt Romney Energy Plan Robs Taxpayers

Roger Miller "Do Wacka Do"

Monday, August 27, 2012

Cherish - Do It To It [Official Music Video]

Ciara ft. Ludacris- Oh

Hummers floatin on chrome
Chokin' on that home-grown
They got that southern cookin'
They got them fellas lookin'
Thinkin' I was easy I can see it
That's when I say no, what fo'?
Shawty can't handle this

Tweet - Call Me

Beats II (playlist)

Syfy -- Warehouse 13 Season 4 -- Mondays @ 9|8c

Tens of thousands protesters on the streets of Montreal

The Boy With Tape On His Face

Go-Go's - Can't Stop The World (from 'Beauty & The Beat') [Music + Lyrics]

Emilie Autumn - Misery Loves Company (DJ Volder Remix)

Emilie Autumn - Swallow (Oyster Mix by Punto Omega)

Emilie Autumn Chambermaid (Space Mix)

Gothic Lolita - Emilie Autumn (with lyrics)

If I am Lolita Then you are a criminal And you should be killed By an army of little girls The law won't arrest you The world won't detest you You never did anything Any man wouldn't do I'm Gothic Lolita And you are a criminal I'm not even legal I'm just a dead little girl But ruffles and laces And candy sweet faces Directed your furtive hand I perfectly understand So it's my fault? No, Gothic Lolita


Alcoholic Faith Mission - Painting animals in watercolors

Stripmall Architecture - Beauty is Suffering

Stripmall Architecture - Lemoncholic

Best Bartender In the World

And he's fucking hot too :D /drool

A$AP Rocky - Goldie (Explicit)

Young Braised - Special Herbs & Slices (Pt. 1 of 5)

Kathy Griffin smacks Paula Deen in the face with a switch!

Sunday, August 26, 2012

"You Wanna See A Perfect Example Of How America Is Turning Into A Police...

Mitt Romney Lays Down Interview Rules "Absolutely NO Abortion Questions"

Paul Ryan can't give the specifics about his healthcare or budget over two weeks later, now Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan refuse to allow interviews that ask questions about abortion, legitimate rape or rape, their tax returns, their work history in the private sector, or their political stances / votes in the past that were hypocritical. SO WHAT CAN WE EVEN TALK ABOUT?! FUTURE PRESIDENTS SHOULD BE FORCED TO ANSWER ALL THIS AND MORE. We're supposed to be 'trusting' these people with what some people would call "the most powerful position in the world". Would you hand your life to these people? The future of your children? Your savings? Your rights?

I still wanna see those fucking tax returns, you rich scumbags!

NAACP Comes Out In Support Of Legalize Marijuana Law In Colorado


Stripmall Architecture - Daylight Machine

bully beatdown "andrew"

I love Cazwell but there's nothing sexy or classy about a song title starring a the most flatulence inducing food, especially in a video with lots of asses thrusting about. -_- #FAIL Beans beans the magical fruit Cazwell Cazwell No Ma'm.

TaeTiSeo (TTS) - Twinkle MV [English subs + Romanization + Hangul] HD

I'm a big SNSD fan ;) I don't care who says what.

Pop That (Explicit Version)

How To Deal With Your Out Of Control Child Video - Nap Time

Republicans Co-opt Youth Culture