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Friday, August 24, 2012

Mitt Romney Accepting Foreign Cash Would Disqualify Him

Skeen REFUSES to get out of the bathtub!

Skeen REFUSES to get out of the bathtub!

Grizly Bear Cub & Wolf Cub Playing

Cutest bear attack ever

EPIC!! Mating.

Rascal the Cat and the Toilet Rat

Taco girl

English Bulldog puppies learning to walk for the first time

Bulldog tries to sit in a box that's too small for him

Kitten Nibbles Ears

Kitten Nibbles Ears

Bentley the Bulldog Puppy is fussy

PJ Harvey - Dress

PJ Harvey Man-Size

PJ Harvey - Send His Love To Me

PJ Harvey - Good Fortune

PJ Harvey - Down By The Water

Democrats Beat Republicans on 11 of 12 Economic Indicators

Republicans beating them on higher annual average shows business incompetence. You can't expect to have 11 of 12 in the favor of Democrats if there's not sufficient unemployment to fuel the rising growth of the capitalistic economy. Capitalism AS A SCIENCE requires a certain percentage of unemployment in order to function naturally: hiring new blood, firing the weak, downsizing~. 5% unemployment IS UNHEARD OF, that's why it was laughable (and telling) when Mitt Romney vowed that as a baseline.

To follow up: In Capitalism, Unemployment isn't a bad thing or else you wouldn't have a job pool, except for existing workers and that can cause all kinds of drama, quicker turnover, back biting between departments or even allied corporations, etc. The faster and stronger the economy, the more of a SMALL percentage of unemployment should raise (but not excessively)- it just means there's more people between jobs seeker greater opportunity or as the laymen say: "Moving on up!"

Big Banks Making Money from Detention of Suspected Illegal Immigrants

Cat Killed, Impaled on American Flag Next to Obama Lawn Sign

71-Year-Old Brought to Ground by Police for Questioning Paul Ryan

In a story about an ACTUAL plumber, unlike Joe the Plumber, a 71-year-old is taken to the ground by police for questioning Paul Ryan about cutting Medicare and Social Security benefits.

Joe the "Plumber" Says Start Shooting Mexicans

If you forgot, Joe is not a Plumber, doesn't have a liscense, doesn't have a plumbing business, and doesn't make over $250,000 as he claimed back in 2008. He's a racist scumbag and should be publicly shunned.

Republican Scott Brown Wants All Legal Votes to Count, BUT...

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Bonobo genius makes stone tools like early humans did - life - 21 August 2012 - New Scientist

Bonobo genius makes stone tools like early humans did - life - 21 August 2012 - New Scientist

Tiny Green Bug May Be First Photosynthetic Animal!!

Richard Dawkins Foundation for Reason and Science

Tiny Green Bug May Be First Photosynthetic Animal!! MORE PROOF OF EVOLUTION. Suck it, Creationist Scumbags.


If you're hankering for a good fantasy novel I recommend the THE BARTIMAEUS TRILOGY - I read part one a decade ago and can still remember the feelings and curiosity it evoked ever since. Some people say it's a more adventerous, gritty harry potter, but many, many stories throughout time center around boy wizards so don't let that deter you.

Michael D Higgins v Michael Graham

Michael D Higgins (who was elected President of Ireland last year) and Tea Party-loving radio guy Michael Graham on Irish radio.

Five Reasons the Rich Didn't EARN their Wealth

Five Reasons the Rich Didn't EARN their Wealth

About Guns and The Constitution's 2nd (Second) Amendment

In 1842, the Arkansas Supreme Court ruled that a state law prohibiting carrying a concealed weapon didn’t violate either the state or federal constitutions. No constitutional right is absolute, the court ruled, “And if the right to keep and bear arms be subject to no legal control or regulation whatever, it might, and in time to come doubtless will, be so exercised as to produce in the community disorder and anarchy.” At least 42 federal appeals court rulings in 10 of the 11 circuits have upheld the militia interpretation since Miller. Denied the individual-right interpretation of the Second Amendment were the First and Third Circuits in 1942.The First Circuit ruled, “The right to keep and bear arms is not a right conferred upon the people by the federal constitution. the only function of the Second Amendment being to prevent the federal government and the federal government only from infringing that right.” The Third Circuit called possessing weapons a “privilege” and ruled, “Weapon bearing was never treated as anything like an absolute right by the common law.” So when you hear some DUMBFUCK saying 'It's my right to own a gun and as many guns of any kind as I want. It's in the Constitution" You can tell them they are full of shit.

Philip Glass - Koyaanisqatsi

Electronica X (playlist)

Lil Criszzy - I Go Hard

Quest Pistols - "Ты Так Красива" HD

These guys are so versatile. This must be their version of being 'Weezer'-like.

Quest Pistols - Разные HD.mp4

"Different" is the title. This is one of the most beautiful and sensual videos I've seen this year. #WIN

Лолита и Quest Pistols - Ты Похудела


Electronica X (playlist)

Electronica X (playlist)

CAZWELL - I Seen Beyonce At Burger King featuring Jonny Makeup.

Electronica X (playlist)

Electronica X (playlist)

One of my favorite downtempo songs of all time. This needs major views and ups.

Electronica X (playlist)

One of my favorite downtempo songs of all time. This needs major views and ups.

Team Fortress 2 Music- 'Dispenser Erection'

I Love electro

NYPD: Muslim Spying Failed

How much money was wasted by this? I would guess upwards of several million dollars. nycpd spent 6 years illegally following infiltrating bugging and wiretapping muslim nieghborhoods and mosques and they just admitted in the press that they didn't get a SINGLE LEAD in SIX YEARS

Duck Rape


Hell No: Valedictorian Denied Diploma At Oklahoma High School

Kaitlin Nootbaar, a straight-A Oklahoma high school student, is being denied her diploma because she used the word "hell" in her graduation speech as valedictorian, and she and her parents are furious. Ironic note? The school mascot is a 'devil' (demon). /FACEPALM #EPICFAIL #FAIL #EVIL

Talk Back on Jobs - A Bigger Piece of Pie

Talk Back on Jobs - A Bigger Piece of Pie WRONG DUMBFUCK. There's not enough pie to go around because 60% of the wealth in this country (60% of that pie) is eaten by the top 10% (that's 1 of 10 people, eating over half the pie and leaving the rest of us (90% - or 9 people) with 40% of a pie. Oh wait, another 20% is gone because the 2nd highest 10% (the top 20% combined) controls 80% of the pie. So that's 8 people left to fight over 20% of the pie. YEAH! CAPITALISM SURE DOES ROCK! /sarcasm - asshole. Plus it's bullshit. There isn't enough pie to go around. Even in the BEST OF CIRCUMSTANCES (Capitalistic Utopia) there MUST BE 5% Unemployment. Capitalism does not work without a constant turnover, and a certain % of the population being unemployed. That IS Capitalism. It's also why Mitt Romney is a dumbfuck for claiming he would get unemployment below 5%, which has never happened as an annual average in the history of our country since we've been recording such things.

Sexy Photos Of Women Get Cop Suspended

Shoot innocent people. Get a promotion.
Hit inocent occupay people. Get a promotion.
Take pictures of naked people. Be suspended.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Anti-Muslim Ads Hit NYC, SF

More PRO ISRAEL Propaganda designed to keep Palestinians and Muslims as non-human / sub-human in the eyes of America. I hate Islam as much as any Atheist, but hating someone FOR their religion is different than hating the religion (for being a fraud).

Bill Maher on Occupy Wall Street [New Rules]

Whites Think They Suffer From Racism More Than Blacks

How fucking stupid are some people? /facepalm

David Letterman - Mary-Louise Parker's Gardening Show

Ghostbuster's Theme on eight floppy drives

Delirium feat. Sarah McLachlan - Silence (DJ Tiesto's In Search Of Sunri...

Most people's favorite, I do enjoy it big time but there's 2-3 other songs I just love more (I love you, Ice Cream, Possession)

Sarah McLachlan - I Love You (BT Mix)

One of my favorite remixes of all time. It takes a little bit to get there, but trust me- the high notes are the epitome of what I think the rare electronica track may find itself elevated to a divine pulse.


WRONG DUMBFUCK. The 2nd Amendment ONLY APPLIES TO STATE MILITIAS, not individual gun ownership. Crowder is a fucking moron. He clearly has never read the Constitution. He then goes on to argue "Violence isn't immoral. Killing isn't immoral." WRONG DUMBFUCK. Ever read the Ten Commandments? God didn't say 'Don't kill, unless it's in self defense." All Violence is wrong and evil. You don't have to kill someone to stop a rape, you can knock them out, subdue, disarm or disable them. This guy is a piece of shit. His morals are degenerate.

Steven Crowder Supports NAMBLA?

I think Steven Crowder is a pedophile. Only someone who fantasizes about 'women of his youth' would think it's okay to have NO MINIMUM AGE ON MARRIAGE. He was asked DIRECTLY: "Do you think there should be a minimum age for marriage?" and he said "No." #QUOTE #SICKO #DISGUSTING

Kennedy - Let's Get Def

Kennedy - K.E.N.N.E.D.Y.

Kennedy - K.E.N.N.E.D.Y.

Kelsey Grammer's tea party support

Kelsey Grammar is a rich bully cunt. He's typical as any Republicunt and should be shunned for the horrible person he is. All Republicans should be. What ever happened to society holding people responsible for their lies and selfish, miserly behavior and principles. A civil right IS a civil right. There's no quotations. Civil Rights don't need a vote or any redefinition as they are inherent in the pursuit of happiness. And yes, saying gays shouldn't be able to marry is being a bigot. Whether you like it or not, you are a bigot.

"We Know That the War On Drugs Is A Failure" Seattle City Attorney Pete ...

POS Plain Clothes Cop Under Investigation After Kicking Handcuffed Man T...

Dog Unearths 300 Million Year Old Pre-Dinosaur Fossils

Karate - Kennedy

Kennedy "Your Mama"

The Buzzcocks Ever fallen in love

Elastica - Connection

Elastica - S.O.F.T.

Blondie - Sunday Girl 1979

Rick Steves HEMPFEST 2011

Jodie Emery HEMPFEST 2011

Jodie Emery HEMPFEST 2011

Monday, August 20, 2012

Atheists On Religion, Science, And Morality (The Point)

Liberal Bias? CNN Anchor Soledad O'Brien Accused By Right Wing

CNN anchor Soledad O'Brien struck back at critics LIKE A BOSS!! Fuck you RIGHT WING LYING ASSHOLE!

Police Shoot Man Over 40 Times (Video)

He was over 30 feet away, he had ONE KNIFE, and there's SIX police officers ALL WITH GUNS. In Police Academy they teach you to shoot in the legs or knees or thighs. This is bullshit. This is EVIL. I don't care if he was running at them with a knife there's NO FUCKING REASON for more than a couple non-lethal shots could have resolved this.

Ann Romney Defends Mitt Hiding Tax Returns


Ann Romney Defends Mitt Hiding Tax Returns


Busted: Paul Ryan Asked For Stimulus Funds


Hogfather-Teatime-Giggle of Doom

Hogfather-Teatime-Giggle of Doom

Kelsey Grammer's Republican Views Cost Him An Emmy?

Ana, you always know how to make me laugh! I loved the bit at the end (4:30 onward) about being a bitchy judge. "Yeah. You're a dick!." Hahaha

Obama Staging Mass Shootings, Says Megadeth Singer Dave Mustaine

What a fucking paranoid moron! How fucking stupid are you?

Julian Assange Hit Piece In New York Times

Julian Assange was absurdly smeared in a New York Times piece by William Neuman and Maggy Ayala. The report stooped as low as making reference to a claim that Assange did not flush a toilet, as if that were somewhow relevant. The Young Turks host Cenk Uygur breaks down this shoddy journalism. Now they have removed the flush reference has been removed, as noted by Drew Grant in the New York Observer. #HYPOCRITES #COWARDS #SMEARTACTICS #GOVERNMENTLAPDOGS

Crazy: Stealing Pizza Is Worse Than Stealing $1B Dollars

THIS IS FUCKING PROBLEM! Obama won't prosecute War Crimes. DAs won't prosecute the rich. We won't prosecute celebrities. We won't prosecute Bankers or their Firms. We won't ENFORCE LAWS! WHY WON'T PEOPLE ENFORCE LAWS!? WE HAVE FUCKING LAWS AND I'M SO GOD DAMNED SICK AND TIRED OF PEOPLE (Rich, Famous, Powerful) NOT GETTING PROSECUTED! How can we FORCE the hand of the LAW to do it's fucking job? Isn't it AGAINST THE LAW for them to NOT ENFORCE the law? In the Past, letting people go WAS A CRIME!

Julian Assange Granted Asylum By Ecuador

Fuck yeah. Julian Assange is a fucking hero. And if those bitches didn't want some raw dick in them, they should have insisted on a condom. It takes two bitches.

Rich Kids of Instagram

I just went to richkidsofinstagram for the first time and honeslty, maybe I'm weird, but I found absolutely nothing at all appealing about their lifestyles. Watches, phones, cars, boats, unflattering but expensive clothing, embarassing parties that reek of cocaine and poor conversation, and the stench of people with too much money who did too little (or no) work for it. I do not envy these people- I pity them.

World's First 'Women Only' City In Saudi Arabia?

It's a BULLSHIT CULTURE. Some cultures are WRONG. It's not subjective. When you ENSLAVE 1/2 your population, you are WRONG. There's absolutely nothing wrong with saying that. Islam as a religion is EVIL.

Breaking Down Paul Ryan's Fox News Interview With Brit Hume


Did Obama Cut Medicare?

President Obama's plan takes from the insurance companies and Paul Ryan's plan complely rapes Medicare over 700 BILLION Dollars!

Wheelchair style - 21s Exercise in Wheelchair with Bicep Curl workout - ...

This guy makes me feel so lazy (but inspired!) - He can't walk and he's got a killer bod!

TrapWire: Spying On YOU?

Could you imagine a world without bosses?

Clarifying, I don't respect what private colleges do (overcharge for shit degrees), but this man specfically has a good point and there's dozens of companies working under a collectivism style. Penn & Teller's Bullshit, and many other shows have documented these businesses and it is more than possible. It's how it SHOULD be. Companies don't need CEOs. Companies don't need men at the top who make 50-100x the average worker. That's old world thinking that doesn't respect Humanist goals.

P.P.Arnold - Angel Of The Morning

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Julia Child Remixed | Keep On Cooking | PBS Digital Studios

I love Julia Child. No one has ever inspired me more in the world of cookery.

The Smashing Pumpkins - Ava Adore

The Smashing Pumpkins - The Everlasting Gaze

We all want to hold in the everlasting gaze
Enchanted in the rapture of his sentimental sway
But underneath the wheels lie the skulls of every c.o.g.
The fickle fascination of an everlasting god
You know I'm not dead

I'm just living in my head
Forever waiting
Forever waiting on cruel death
You know I'm not dead
I'm just living for myself
Forever waiting
You know I'm not dead

Donna Lewis - I Love You Always Forever

Pink Dress by Donna Lewis (In The Pink)

Sandcastle by Donna Lewis

I call your name
inside the walls
I call out loud
at heaven's door

a scream machine
out in the cold
but the herbs of warmth
defeat the fall

among the jewels
among the kings
you know what I mean

it's easy
there are lines between us
golden banners streaming

do you wanna see me weak
do you wanna see me broken
do you wanna let me go
do you wanna give a reason
and I'm aching to be heard
I lost my voice for love
do you wanna see me weak
do you wanna let me go

Billie Holiday - Gloomy Sunday

Merrilee Rush And The Turnabouts - Sandcastles

Hooverphonic - Renaissance Affair

Sweet relief calms me down
Makes me drown, lost and found
Neighbours complain sheets are stained
Hotel shower at the best around

Spacing from Paris to New York
Silver sunglasses, silver phone
Connects us to someone who doesn't know
About these feelings we can't control

People they want us to fall down
But we won't ever touch the ground
We're perfectly balanced, we'll float around
Til no one is near, do you hear this sound?

Spacing from Paris to New York
Silver sunglasses, silver phone
Connects us to someone who doesn't know
About these feelings we can't control

This strange feeling captures us
It generates this huge fuzz
I miss you all the time I must face
I miss your touch and your embrace


Hooverphonic - Anger never dies

hooverphonic - battersea

Hooverphonic - Magenta

longing for winter, longing for cold bike ride through the snow
blinded by darkness
summer flows to the cemetary - slow
pink versus black - black versus magenta
this picture of you
just melts in my agenda
while seasons you know
yes, seasons change, you know
with the flow
days just shorten
days just glow
this fire keeps us warm
while this storm will uncover
our secret place called
the cemetary dawn
pink versus black - black versus magenta
this picture of you
just melts in my agenda
while seasons you know
yes, seasons change, you know
  ("Look left.")
with the flow
  ("Look down.")
  ("Look up.")
  ("Look right.")
  ("You're camoflagued by a wall of blue.")
  ("Red womb ... turn the world magenta ...")

Hooverphonic - Eden

"Shake The Disease" Hooverphonic

Ben Fisher - Turn up the Mics (Visuals)

Fine ass white boy rapper! Damn fine :D

Paul Ryan And Ayn Rand

Husband Defends Texas Teacher Involved in Group Sex Scandal

What kind of loser fucking pussy ass sits there and defends his wife once she let five 18-year-olds fuck her senseless with their young, virile dicks? This man is a waste of space. He has no pride, no self-respect, and it's only right that this is the kind of man who signs up to be cannon fodder. Waste of flesh.

Ann Romney Defends Mitt Hiding Tax Returns

Ann Romney is a cunt. She was born rich and always has been rich. This BITCH has had over fifteen servants and five houses and 1 nanny per child. She hasn't worked a god damned day in her life. She doesn't need to be talking about ANYTHING because she's an authority on NOTHING other than being a rich person. She's fucking disgusting and reprehensible. This kind of woman gives the world nothing but demands it all in return. No wonder Mitt Romney fell in love with her cold, glass heart.

tamasaburo kabuki dance

Meet Canyon the SAND CAT!

Shocking video! Dog causes highway pile-up in China

It's a fucking dog. It means NOTHING when compared to a human life. In AMERICA it's against the law to 'swerve' to avoid an animal because JUST AS THIS VIDEO SHOWS it causes accidents which cause injury and even death to HUMANS.

Shocking video! Dog causes highway pile-up in China

It's a fucking dog. It means NOTHING when compared to a human life. In AMERICA it's against the law to 'swerve' to avoid an animal because JUST AS THIS VIDEO SHOWS it causes accidents which cause injury and even death to HUMANS.

Analogue Monsta - Conversion Theory (Scion AV - OFFICIAL VIDEO)

One of the coolest videos I've seen this month :D #WIN #RAD

From Up On Poppy Hill Trailer

Paul Ryan Wants Coupons to Replace Medicare

Mass Shootings in America

FACT: OVER 75% of guns used in mass shootings and mass murders in America are with legally-purchased guns. FACT: OVER 75% of guns used in mass shootings and mass murders in America are with Semi-Automatic and Assault weapons. Shotguns and Handguns just don't do as much damage in as quick amount of time. We NEED much, much stronger gun regulation in our country and that is a FACT.

The Bates Family on Raising 19 Kids, New Reality Show

Studies consistantly show that parents have no god damned right to be teaching their children at home when most of the parents didnt' even go to college, much less don't have the training to teach their children possibly. We act in this country like teaching is just 'something any dummy can do' but that's bullshit and studies back that up. Disgusting. These people need their children taken away from them. IMMEDIATELY. Child Abuse. We wonder why we have so many problems in this country, but we have families like this producing literally 1 ton of trash for each of these children every year. 7 Gallons of milk in a week? Fucking disgusting people. It's times like these that I really think we need child-restriction laws like China. You simply CANNOT love 19 children the way you'd love 2-5 children. That is a FACT based on time, psychology, and general fucking welfare.

Drought Destroys Corn Crop: Global Ripple Effect

Dogs vs Cats: What Side is JoAnn On? - JoAnn from Bensonhurst - Season 2...

I love JoAnn so much "If you have any questions for me.. put them DOWN in my BOX!" /makes < > signs around her vagina ! SO FUNNY!!

Religion, the Devil and JoAnn - JoAnn From Bensonhurst - Season 2 Episode 8